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Fed-up commuters
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Fed-up commuters
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Fed-up commuters
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Fed-up commuters
Reduce your Carbon Footprint
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Self Employed, The JobSwapShop is even easier.

The JobSwapShop is also ideal if you are self employed - in fact, With no employer to worry about it's even easier.

For example. You're a window cleaner and you have a few jobs scattered outside of your main round, you probably spend longer travelling to them than doing the job itself. Log these locations in our database and see if there's someone to swap the job with. By concentrating all of your jobs into a smaller area you spend less time and money travelling and more time earning.

Of course, once you've found a suitable replacement, one who is up to your standards, you'll have to clear it with your customers, but maybe a trial run and references will sort that.

Remember, it's up to you to ensure the standards of your swapper and that your customers are happ., We can do the introductions - the rest is up to you.

The JobSwapShop can benefit any business or individual that involves lots of travelling between jobs such as window cleaners, decorators, gardeners, cleaners, chimney sweeps... the list goes on and on.

Even those of you in the building trade can benefit - who wouldn't want to swap that patio job 70 miles away for one just down the road?

Swap that job - spend less time travelling and more time earning.