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Work Closer to Home
Fed-up commuters
Cut out the Commute
Fed-up commuters
Reduce Congestion
Fed-up commuters
Cut the Environmental Cost of Travelling
Fed-up commuters
Reduce your Carbon Footprint
OK, so it's not all bad!
The Ecological Way to Work Fed-up commuters
Go on, You Know it Makes Sense!
How Does it Work?


Our database will then give you a list of matches... you make contact and away you go.

Imagine cutting out that daily commute, saving yourself a fortune in travelling costs, being nearer home for childcare. The environment wins too, for every swap, four journeys are avoided every day.

The JobSwapShop takes no part in arranging the swap, that's down to you.

Take care not to reveal personal details about yourself until you are confident with the other party.

The JobSwapShop cannot accept responsibilty for the accuracy of information supplied by third parties

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