The Job Swap Shop
Work Closer to Home
Fed-up commuters
Cut out the Commute
Fed-up commuters
Reduce Congestion
Fed-up commuters
Cut the Environmental Cost of Travelling
Fed-up commuters
Reduce your Carbon Footprint
OK, so it's not all bad!
The Ecological Way to Work Fed-up commuters
Go on, You Know it Makes Sense!

Now the bad bit

Remember The JobswapShop is new and your employer may never have heard of it. Think carefully before you approach them and consider their reaction. Your job is not yours to give away. Think about your terms and conditions, pension entitlements and future security.

The JobSwapShop cannot accept any responsibility for the swapping process or any consequences; do your groundwork and consider all the implications.

Think of The JobSwapShop as a kind of marriage bureau. We can introduce you to a match but if you want to get married, that's down to you!

That's the bad bit, if you think The JobSwapShop is still for you, register your details and wait for a swapping candidate.

We are new and the database isn't exactly bursting at the moment, so register your details and help get the ball rolling.

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