The Job Swap Shop
Work Closer to Home
Fed-up commuters
Cut out the Commute
Fed-up commuters
Reduce Congestion
Fed-up commuters
Cut the Environmental Cost of Travelling
Fed-up commuters
Reduce your Carbon Footprint
OK, so it's not all bad!
The Ecological Way to Work Fed-up commuters
Go on, You Know it Makes Sense!

The JobswapShop is good for you too

Don't think of Jobswapping as losing an employee but gaining an equally good one; with one big advantage, they live around the corner.

The JobswapShop is a new concept, but please give it five minutes thought. You could have a new recruit pre-selected by the best qualified person available - the person already doing the job. We don't think your employee would approach you if they thought their intended swap wouldn't fit the bill.

You are still in charge, you could arrange a trial period and of course interview the potential candaidate.

If you employee is determined to leave to get a job nearer home, think how much The JobSwapShop could save you in recruitment time and costs.

You don't have anything to lose, you can always say no, but consider the advantages of local employees:

Be one of the first to join The JosSwapShop. Save yourself some money. Improve the work life balance of your employees. Help protect the environment.