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Work Closer to Home
Fed-up commuters
Cut out the Commute
Fed-up commuters
Reduce Congestion
Fed-up commuters
Cut the Environmental Cost of Travelling
Fed-up commuters
Reduce your Carbon Footprint
OK, so it's not all bad!
The Ecological Way to Work Fed-up commuters
Go on, You Know it Makes Sense!

Job Swapping

You're a bricky living in Billericay and working in Woking

He's a bricky living in Woking and working in Billericay

That's what The JobswapShop is all about. We aim to put you in touch with someone with the same job as you who lives near where you work and works close to where you live. We put you in touch and maybe, just maybe you swap jobs.

Whether you're a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker, think of the advantages:

Less commuting

Less expense

Reduced CO2 emissions

Closer to home for the kids

Join The JobSwapShop - an introduction agency for jobs. Save time, money and help save the planet

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